lip tie symptoms Unless you are a parent you are probably unfamiliar with lip tie symptoms. But if you or someone you know has experience with lip tie, you know that it can be a troubling and long-term problem. In order to help new or expecting parents do anything and everything possible to support the development of their little bundle of joy, we have outlined the symptoms and solutions to lip tie.

Lip Tie Symptoms

Lip tie is when a newborn baby’s upper lip is attached to its upper gum. There is some degree of attachment in almost all babies, and in most cases, it does not lead to lip tie symptoms. But when there is too much attachment it can make it difficult for the baby to curl his or her lip upwards around the nipple when breastfeeding. That creates problems for both mom and baby. A visual inspection may not be enough to diagnose the problem, so look out for these lip tie symptoms.

  • Breastfeedings that take far longer than normal
  • Trouble with latching onto the nipple
  • Painful nipples caused by the baby’s struggles with latching
  • An infant that is excessively gassy. This happened because the infant swallows more air than milk.

If you notice any of these lip tie symptoms it is time to consider treatment. Correcting the problem helps ensure the baby is getting enough to eat and the mom is not spending unnecessary time on breastfeeding.

Lip Tie Solutions

The good news is that a fast and easy solution can eliminate lip tie symptoms for good. A qualified dentist will simply use a safe dental laser to separate the upper lip from the upper gum. That way the baby can latch tightly onto the nipple and draw in a steady stream of milk. Here are some of the advantages to using a laser rather than another instrument:

  • The incision is incredibly precise
  • The risk of bleeding is reduced
  • Sterile laser energy creates no risk of infection
  • A topical numbing gel is usually the only anesthesia required
  • The procedure is performed in office in only a few minutes

When it is that fast and easy prevent lip tie symptoms for good, why not investigate the possibilities further? Contact Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry by calling 561-477-3535.