Back to School Dental Exam in Boca Raton

As summer vacation comes to a close, parents and children are preparing for the new school year. Important preparations include shopping for school clothes, buying school supplies and scheduling back to school dental exams.

What is a back to school dental exam?

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling your children biannual dental exams. Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child in for an exam as part of your back to school routine.

During the summer, many families fall out of the school year routine. Families go on vacations, indulge in sweet treats and engage in new forms of play. The results of summertime fun are often not ideal for your child’s teeth. Here are some common summertime dental mishaps:

  • Forgetting to brush/floss in the mornings
  • Forgetting to brush/floss on vacation
  • Damaged teeth during sports or play
  • Eating sugary snacks without brushing afterward

A back to school dental exam includes:

  • Teeth Cleaning: We will make sure your child’s teeth are thoroughly clean, by removing all plaque. Our staff and technology can eliminate hard to clean tartar that you are unable to remove at home.
  • X-rays: If needed, we will use x-rays to identify cavities.
  • Dentist Examination: Dr. Saadia, a board certified pediatric dentist, will carefully examine your child’s mouth. She will clearly explain any dental concerns.
  • Fluoride: We apply a fluoride gel to your child’s teeth. Because the treatment Prevents against tooth decay, it will leave your child’s teeth stronger than ever.
  • Dental Hygiene Education: We will teach you and your child how to care better for his teeth.

A back to school dental exam ensures your kids will start the school year off with good dental health.

Benefits of a Back to School Dental Exam

A back to school dental exam will help you and your children. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Summer dental damage will be quickly addressed, preventing more invasive and costly procedures
  • During the school year, your child will not be distracted by dental pain
  • A clean and healthy smile will boost his social confidence

Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry

Call Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry to schedule your child a back to school dental exam. To accommodate the back to school demand, we are seeing both new and existing patients. Our office and our staff are very kid-friendly, creating a warm and inviting environment. Children look forward to coming to our dental office, so call us today at 561-477-3535 to schedule an appointment.