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Florida mother, doctor spread awareness about lip and tongue ties in babies

It's a condition that can impact your baby's ability to breastfeed, eat solid food, even sleep and speak, and you may not know about it. It's called a lip and/or tongue tie, and doctors say a procedure to correct it is becoming more common. Mealtime is a happy time in [...]

Laser Frenectomy in Boca Raton | Does My Child Need a Frenectomy?

Your child’s early oral development is so important for their future oral health. That includes the most minute details, like a tight frenum. In order to create the ideal oral environment, a laser frenectomy in Boca Raton is sometimes necessary. Keep reading to learn more: What is a "Tongue-Tie"? Along [...]

Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Boca Raton | Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the use of laser technology or an intense and very fine beam of light energy specifically tailored for dental procedures and oral surgeries. Laser dentistry allows for quicker recovery times and less painful procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of pediatric laser dentistry [...]

Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Boca Raton | How Can Laser Dentistry Help My Child?

Dental technology has come a long way over the years. Laser dentistry is now revolutionizing pediatric dental practices to give young patients a comfortable experience. If you’re a parent looking for pediatric laser dentistry in Boca Raton, you may have questions. Read about how this advanced dental technology can help [...]

Ask a Pediatric Holistic Dentist: What is the Best Diet for Your Teeth?

Ask any pediatric holistic dentist what your children should eat for healthy teeth, and they will give you a few key food groups. From avoiding sugary foods to advising that children eat foods high in calcium and protein, all dentists agree that the right foods can lead to improved oral health. Read [...]

Kids Dentist in Palm Beach | What is Laser Dentistry at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry?

Our goal here at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry is to provide the most comfortable and technologically advanced care possible for our patients. One example of this is Laser Dentistry. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry! What is Laser Dentistry? Dr. [...]

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