An Experienced Pediatric Dentist says, “It’s OK to Have Candy”

Any experienced pediatric dentist knows that Halloween is just around the corner, which means costume, trick-or-treating, and – most of all – candy for all the children. But if you, as a parent, are concerned about the Halloween candy ruining your child/ren’s teeth with cavities, Dr. Saadia, an experienced pediatric [...]

Do You Have Sleep Apnea – Is the Solution on the Tip of Your Tongue? Tongue Tie

As much as 7% of the American population or 18 million people suffer from sleep apnea. Most of those people are adults, but up to 2% of children are also affected, with the majority being under one year of age. The most common symptom of sleep apnea is chronic snoring, [...]

If You Have Trouble Breastfeeding, A Frenectomy May Be The Solution

One of the most distressing things for a new mother is when she has trouble breastfeeding.  Although there are many different options available for a new mother to help alleviate her trouble while breastfeeding, there are some instances where a frenectomy may be the answer. How Does A Frenectomy Help [...]

Delray Beach Tongue Tie

Delray Beach Tongue Tie Tongue Tie is a common condition that affects up to 2% of newborn babies. If you are one of the many parents looking for Delray Beach tongue tie treatment, Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry can help. We offer a quick and virtually painless procedure. What is Tongue [...]

Delray Beach Kids Dentist

Delray Beach Kids Dentist Are you looking for a Delray Beach kids dentist? Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry is South Florida’s best kid’s dentist. Dr. Saadia, one of the state’s top dentists, has a refreshing outlook on dentistry. We not only strive to provide the highest quality dental work; we also [...]

Highland Beach Kids Dentist

Highland Beach Kids Dentist Are you looking for a Highland Beach kids dentist? Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry is proud to serve Highland Beach’s tiniest mouths. We pride ourselves in children looking forward to visiting our office. Friendly Atmosphere Your kids will feel comfortable in our friendly atmosphere. We are the [...]