Pediatric Laser Dentistry

Pediatric Laser Dentistry Laser dentistry is the wave of the future in pediatric dentistry procedures. Dr. Saadia Mohammad, practicing out of her beautiful and modern Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry office, is the only dentist that specializes in the care of pediatric patients and who also offers Biolase's Waterlase iPlus laser [...]

Organic Dentistry Friendly Foods to Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth

Organic Dentistry Friendly Foods Every parent knows that too much candy can cause cavities. But did you know that there are even seemingly healthy snacks that can cause tooth deterioration as well? Or that there are a number of wholesome, Organic Dentistry friendly foods out there that actually strengthen your [...]

Successful Women in Business

Boca Raton’s first female board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Saadia Mohammed understands that most of her young patients come to have cavities filled or other dental issues resolved.


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