Humans are born with two sets of teeth and all the primary teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. Because of this, baby teeth play a valuable role in maintaining the space for the adult teeth as your child grows. Primary teeth are also important for general growth, speech development, and nutrition.

Should Baby Teeth be Removed?


Although baby teeth play an important role in your child’s growth, there are many reasons your child may need to have them extracted early. Extraction may be indicated due to a bad toothache, severe decay or infection, trauma or some disturbances in the growth pattern or normal shedding schedule of the tooth. Sometimes the decision to remove a tooth is not due to a problem with the tooth itself, but the fact that its removal is beneficial to the surrounding teeth; such is the case when a stubborn primary tooth keeps the permanent tooth from coming in properly.


“Shark Teeth” Syndrome


Normally, as a permanent tooth grows and erupts into your child’s mouth at around 6 years old, the baby tooth will become progressively looser until it falls out. Sometimes this doesn’t happen exactly as planned, and the permanent tooth may appear before the primary tooth is lost. This will present as a double row of front teeth in your child’s mouth and is sometimes referred to by parents as “shark teeth.” This is one of the most common dental concerns that pediatric dentists encounter from parents and, while it should be addressed, is not an emergency. Extraction is generally the correct treatment for this problem, but the timing of treatment and whether it is necessary is determined by several factors.

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