Dr. Saadia Kids Dentist Boca Raton | Sealants for Cavities

Dr. Saadia Kids Dentist Boca Raton | Sealants for Cavities

Dr. Saadia and her team protect your child’s oral health every step of the way. Nutrition, genetics, home care, and professional dental care are all part of what Dr. Saadia will address in developing an individualized plan for your child so that they can have a lifetime of healthy teeth and smiles.

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The Benefits

Dr. Saadia recommends dental sealants as a preventative treatment after assessing your child’s individualized risk factors. Common area for cavities is on the chewing surfaces of the molars where food gets trapped on the naturally grooved areas of the tooth, starting a pit and fissure cavity. By placing sealants on high-risk teeth, we can prevent cavities.


Cavity Prevention


Preventing cavities before they form is very important for children’s oral health. In addition to healthy eating habits and regular brushing, dental sealants can be very effective. Dr. Saadia takes your child’s individualized risk factors into consideration and develops a customized prevention plan which includes the best practice for the application of dental sealants. An honest and respectful partnership with you and your child is the cornerstone of any prevention program. This is what we take pride in at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry.

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Here at Palm Beach Pediatric, we believe that our patients come first. We want to make sure your children are as comfortable as possible during their visit to the dentist.