Does your baby need a Frenulectomy?


When a new baby with a frenulum that is too tight has trouble sucking and suffers from poor weight gain a Frenulectomy can fix this. This procedure is commonly called a tongue-tie release or frenectomy. These feeding problems should be discussed with your child’s pediatrician. Your pediatrician will refer you to a specialist like Dr. Saadia for treatment. The procedure is simple and rings lifelong results. This surgery often yields more benefit than just lactation latching. This procedure can help with future pronunciation impediments restoring ease of speech.

Laser Frenulectomy

Dr. Saadia I. Mohammed, of Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry, is recognized as an expert in the surgical procedure of Frenulectomy. It is used to fix an infant issue called a ‘tongue-tie’. The process removes some or all of the connecting tissue and allows the tongue to move freely.

Our simple and safe operation can quickly improve a child’s quality of life – tasks like eating and chewing will become easier and any discomfort will be minimized. If your child has tongue-tie and you want to learn more about the condition and available options here’s some information to consider.

The Procedures

Patients can receive a full sedation or localized numbing of the tongue and frenum area. The actual surgery involves making an incision to the frenum with a laser. The surgery can sever the frenum or remove pieces of it to make it thinner and move better. The incision can either start at the floor of the mouth or where it connects to the tongue. Dr. Saadia is a certified pediatric dentist who practices laser dentistry. With laser dentistry we can perform a frenectomy without the use of a scalpel or sutures. This maximizes the body’s rate of healing.

At Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry we pride ourselves on taking a Holistic approach to health. A Frenulectomy is not just about fixing the tongue-tie issue. It’s about creating a lasting relationship between patient and dentist that keeps smiles coming for years.