A visit to the dentist shouldn’t be unpleasant.

We aim to change the way you view a trip to the dentist with your child. The long told stories of unacceptable wait times, painful procedures and upset children simply don’t exist here… and never have.

The birth of Holistic Dentistry.

As we rocket through the 21st Century, there has been a marked shift toward Holistic medicine—and for good reason. The healthcare system in the United States is confusing and marred by the practice of treating visible symptoms rather than the underlying problem. Holistic Dentistry seeks to treat the patient in a meaningful, encompassing way—leading to better overall dental health.

Viewing the whole picture.

Generally speaking, anything prefaced with the word “Holistic” aims to view the entire picture. By assessing patients in this way, practitioners of Holistic Dentistry successfully use prevention and cure simultaneously, in an effort to help eliminate relapses.

“I have very high standards, especially when it comes to services for my children and I think Dr. Saadia has exceeded my expectations. If my kids didn’t love her, we wouldn’t be here.”

Helen, Mother of Regan, 5; and Elizabeth, 8

The best option for your child.

Those who practice Pediatric Holistic Dentistry possess the credentials that any dentist would — but the focus of a Holistic-centric pediatric dentist also involves identifying the overlying cause of problems, in order to select the most effective treatment method that causes the least amount of discomfort. As a Holistic Pediatric Dental professional, Dr. Saadia is naturally focussed on the best interests of your child… not just for a visit—but for long term health as well.