As we come into the holiday season, we, as a people, give thanks for a wide variety of things. But one of the many things we here at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry give thanks for is our young patients, who have given us the encouragement to adopt holistic dentistry into our practice. So, what makes holistic dentistry so different from – and, really, so much better than — regular dentistry?


What are some of the things that make holistic dentistry different from regular dentistry?

Dr. Saadia Mohammed is pleased to incorporate holistic dentistry into her practice, and she hopes that you can see the benefit, as well!

  1. We use different types of fillings. Practitioners of holistic dentistry, like Dr. Saadia Mohammed, refuse to use amalgam fillings and expose your child to toxins. Pediatric holistic dentists care about your child’s overall health as much as they care about your child’s dental health!
  2. We try to avoid using X-rays unless we absolutely must. Because radiation exposure from X-rays have a cumulative effect on your child’s health – that is, your child will feel the effects of exposure over time, not all at once – holistic dentistry practitioners like Dr. Saadia Mohammed try to limit the use of X-rays, and won’t use an X-ray machine on your child unless we absolutely have to (which isn’t very often).
  3. Before we recommend any sort dentistry regimen for your child, we consider the overall effect of the treatment. Like you, Dr. Saadia Mohammed’s focus is on the overall health of your child, and she knows that good overall health begins with good dental health.


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Our children give us much to be thankful for – and as the premier holistic dentist in Palm Beach County, Dr. Saadia Mohammed is thankful to be working with her littlest patients at Palm Beach Holistic Dentistry. More than anything else, the health of your child comes first, and whatever your child’s needs may be, we can – and will – make sure that they are met!

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