Laser in Pediatric Dentistry

Lasers are a focus of new research and applications for the dental profession. Our office is proud to offer laser in pediatric dentistry – a technology so safe and comfortable, it reduces the need for anesthesia and shots in many cases. The laser generates a very narrow and intense beam of light energy that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. A laser is ideal to complete many procedures because it is very accurate, mild and safe. The laser that our office uses does not produce heat and hence won’t harm nearby teeth or gums. It’s safe for babies, children, teens, and adults.

The use of laser in Pediatric dentistry makes it possible for a variety of dental treatments to be done more precisely and more comfortably, and we are proud to offer this technology here at the Palm Beach Pediatric Dentist. Laser in Pediatric dentistry uses light energy to improve specific areas of the gums without affecting surrounding tissues. Plus, laser dentistry makes it possible to lessen the bleeding during certain procedures and diminish swelling and pain once the treatment is complete. Laser procedures can often be done with little or no anesthetic, and they can significantly speed up the healing time after treatment.

Laser dentistry is used for many treatments:

  • Decay removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Reshape “gummy” smiles
  • Releasing tongue-ties and lip-ties
  • Relieving painful canker sores and accelerating healing time
  • General soft tissue procedures
  • Avoid being “numbed”
  • Avoid the shot and pain

  • Dr. Saadia is excited about the capabilities our laser dentistry technology. So are our patients when they can have their cavities filled without numbing or shots. While we do not use our dental laser for nerve treatments and crowns, many cavities can be filled with the new technology.Dr. Saadia Mohammed please visit and email any question you may have.