When your baby cannot latch on and breastfeed properly, this can be a problem for both mother and child. Not only does this cause frustration and pain, it can also lead to future health problems for your baby. Fortunately, a laser lip frenectomy for an infant in Boca Raton can quickly solve the problem. Through this procedure, you and your baby can experience a variety of benefits.

Feeding Benefits

One of the most common signs of a lip or tongue-tied infant is difficulty breastfeeding because of connective tissue between the lip and gum. This can cause pain and soreness for the mother. A laser frenectomy removes this connective tissue and allows the area to heal quickly. As a result, breastfeeding becomes less painful and easier for the mother.

Dental Benefits

A lip tie can lead to future dental problems, such as gaps between the upper two teeth and more. Additionally, a lip tie can hold excess milk in the mouth and increase your baby’s risk for tooth decay. With a laser lip frenectomy, your child’s oral health will greatly improve as their risk for cavities decreases. This can also improve the overall appearance of the child’s smile as well.

Where can I find the best laser lip frenectomy for an infant in Boca Raton?

Overall Health Benefits

A lip frenectomy can improve the overall development of a baby’s mouth and jaw. As a result, this can improve their overall health. With a lip frenectomy, your baby’s ability to breath, chew, digest and swallow will improve. In turn, this decreases their risk for future health problem.

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If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding, they may need a laser lip frenectomy for an infant in Boca Raton. Contact Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry for a holistic approach on helping your baby achieve the best possible dental health.