Organic Pediatric Dentistry

We strive for natural balance.

Our practice believes in the importance of maintaining a natural environment within your mouth. So much so, in fact, that we’re spearheading care and treatment plans that we refer to as “Organic Pediatric Dentistry”. Any reputable pediatric dentist wants their patients to have healthy teeth and a great smile, but the methods we use to achieve these goals tend to be quite different than those employed by traditional pediatric dentists. Understanding these differences will help you appreciate them.

A healthy mouth. A healthy body.

We emphasize the importance of proper dental care to the entire body. Numerous studies have shown a link between poor dental health and increases in heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions. Because keeping the mouth healthy helps keep the body healthy, organic pediatric dentistry effectively protects both the long and short-term health of patients.

Mercury is a Toxin.

Despite claims by the FDA and many traditional dentists that mercury fillings are safe and effective, organic pediatric dentistry subscribes to a differing belief. We see mercury as a toxin—even in small doses. Using mercury within the mouth, where tissues easily absorb elements, exposes patients to unnecessary risk. This risk is particular harmful to children, due to their increased vulnerability.

“My son had a serious problem that might have made him afraid to come back but Dr. Saadia and the staff went out of their way to make him feel comfortable and now he can’t wait to come to the office. I can’t say enough about how caring and compassionate they are here.”

Kim, Mother of Zachary, 5

Fluoride: Ineffective and Possibly Even Dangerous.

Fluoride is toxic if ingested, and numerous studies suggest that ingesting fluoride, such as that within the water supply, has no effect on the health of the teeth. In other studies, ingesting fluoride in this manner has been linked to issues with bones, and some types of cancer.

Dr. Saadia Mohammad has provided organic pediatric dentistry and a number of other dental services to children in the Boca Raton area since 1998. Her state-of-the-art facility and caring, personable team will help your child attain the best smile he or she can have, and provide a healthy experience that will benefit their entire body.