Pediatric Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the wave of the future in pediatric dentistry procedures. Dr. Saadia Mohammad, practicing out of her beautiful and modern Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry office, is the only dentist that specializes in the care of pediatric patients and who also offers Biolase’s Waterlase iPlus laser as a method of providing dentistry services. Because of the many benefits that utilizing lasers bring to the medical field — less need for anesthetics, more precise surgical cuts, less bleeding, shorter recovery time and much more — Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry was excited to bring those advantages to their patients. Dr. Saadia Mohammad chose the Biolase Waterlase iPlus Laser for the many benefits it provides to her patients that go above and beyond a typical dental laser.

1. Laser Dentistry Increases Speed to Decrease Anxiety

All dentists realize that children often feel some anxiety when it comes to visiting their office on a regular basis. When it comes to having additional treatments that keep the child in the dental chair for even longer periods of time, speed is of the essence. With the Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser, Dr. Mohammad can perform the laser dentistry needed to ensure your child’s dental health at a much quicker speed. In many cases, sedation is not even necessary when restorative dentistry must be performed. Other procedures can be performed up to 50 percent faster than other types of dental lasers.

2. Fully Customizable to Meet a Range of Pediatric Needs

The Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser comes fully equipped with an array of different tips that make customizing your child’s laser dentistry experience a snap. Precision engineered and strenuously tested, these tips are designed to deliver the exact and optimal amount of laser energy to the intended treatment area. As a forward-thinking leader in the dental industry, Biolase is constantly improving their accessories — such as their tips — to better meet the changing needs of dentists around the world. This proactive approach to customer satisfaction is one that Dr. Mohammad embraces within her own Palm Beach practice.

3. Intuitive Programming Means Less Waiting

The graphical interface of the Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser is intelligent and intuitive, providing Dr. Mohammad with dozens of precise procedures that can utilize laser dentistry practices in a snap. By eliminating cumbersome tip guides or time-consuming programming, this laser provides a faster start time so Dr. Mohammad can get started right away on the laser dentistry procedure that your child needs without a great deal of downtime.

4. Designed With Children AND Dentists in Mind

The Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser was specially designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric dental patients and the staff that works on them. The Biolase Waterlase iPlus is designed with small hand pieces that enable dental staff such as Dr. Mohammad to easily reach inside the smallest child’s mouth and perform restorative laser dentistry. It is also the only contra-angle laser hand piece that illuminates, an important feature when working with children and their small — yet still growing — mouths. In order to make performing laser dentistry more ergonomic and less taxing on the hands and arms, the Waterlase iPlus is designed with such flexible and lightweight fibers that they feel nearly non-existent in the hands of dentists.

5. Cross-Contamination Risk is Reduced

Cross contamination could be an issue for some dentistry equipment. The Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser, however, reduces that risk significantly. One of the primary ways it does so because the laser never needs to touch the teeth in order to perform modern laser dentistry. In addition, disposable single-use tips are used with this laser, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination between patients. Perhaps most incredibly, the laser energy projected by the Waterlase has been shown to have a bactericidal effects during some procedures.

Dr. Saadia Mohammad strives to provide her patients with the latest in dental technology and procedures such as laser dentistry. These help her achieve her goal of giving her young patients the healthy teeth and smile they need and want.