Technology is rapidly transforming the field of medicine, and dentistry is not exempt. Dental laser technology has been in use since the mid-90s but has recently been applied to new treatments and refined to deliver better results. This is exciting news for patients who want to use every tool at their disposal to keep their smile healthy and white. Here are just a few of the ways that dental laser technology is changing the game for both dentists and patients.

Uses of Dental Lasers

When and where to take advantage of this technology is up to the discretion of the doctor. But as dental laser technology has advanced regarding both safety and utility, cutting-edge dentists have found a number of exciting ways to put it to use like with infant frenectomy’s.

The cutting power of lasers has been used to remove the decayed part of a tooth. Once it’s removed, the laser is used to precisely prepare the area for a filling material. The same principles are used to reshape gum tissue and eliminate colonies of bacteria before a root canal. Patients who have lesions in the mouth can have them quickly and easily removed using dental laser technology. Finally, they have been developed for use in teeth whitening.

Benefits of Dental Laser Technology

Just because something is new and high-tech does not necessarily mean it’s better. But in the case of dental laser technology, the properties of the laser are an improvement over the treatment methods that came before.

The lasers typically cause less pain for the patient, which can eliminate the need to inject the gums with anesthesia. The overall process is also a lot more peaceful than a dental drill, which helps many patients avoid anxiety. The precise nature of the lasers minimizes the amount of bleeding and swelling in the gum tissue and can preserve more of the healthy tooth when a cavity is being removed.

There is every reason to be excited about dental lasers. But to take advantage of it, you need to work with a dentist who has embraced it and perfected it. Contact Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry by calling 561-477-3535.