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Angela: Tongue Tie + Lip Tie Breastfeeding
Melody's Breastfeeding Journey - Frenectomy
Breastfeeding Testimonial - Frenectomy
Patient Testimonial - Whole Health
Frenectomy - Two-Year-Old, Sleep Apnea
Frenectomy Pre and Post-Op Experience
Frenectomy Testimonial
Laser Dentistry Extraction
Positive Experience - Whole Health

I took my son to Dr. Saadia for his oral ties. She and her office staff were kind, and comprehensive, and made us both feel so comfortable. After the surgery, she personally called that night to check up on him. My son was not able to breastfeed for the first two months of his life. Almost a week after the surgery he was exclusively breastfeeding and has been ever since (now four months old). I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tongue-tie expert. - Rachel A

This place is amazing! I loved the fact that Dr. Saadia Mohammed took the amount of time to listen and really understand our needs. Difficult times for us and she was able to sit through my emotional rollercoaster ride but nevertheless guided me in the end to a solid logical healthy decision for my son’s oral health. I owe much more than five stars to her! - Heber R

We are SO thankful to have found Dr. Saadia Mohammed! We work in healthcare ourselves and we trust Dr. Saadia completely with our child. She performed laser lip and tongue tie procedures on our baby who has been doing great ever since. Dr. Saadia is kind, professional, caring, and an expert in her field. We would recommend her office of well-qualified staff to anyone. We can't say enough positive things about this office/practice. - Evelynn V

I'm really grateful to Doctor Saadia and her team. My baby and I went through a hard journey. My baby had a tongue and lip tie; because of this, I developed terrible mastitis, and I almost quit breastfeeding. It took a while to find the right doctor and get the correct diagnosis. So we found Doctor Saadia And she knew what my baby had, resolved the issue but she not only treated the physical problem my baby had, she was very supportive and understood how I felt, she knew how emotionally and confused I was at that moment. Now we have ten months of a happy breastfeeding bond. I recommend 100% Dr. Saadia and her team. - Virginia G

Dr. Saadia is absolutely incredible. She’s so gentle, kind, and easy to talk to. She actually sits down and answers all your questions in detail and makes the experience so easy. I’ve taken both of my boys there to have their oral ties released by her and have been very happy both times. Her office staff is very kind and patient as well. Highly recommend. - Fatemeh

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